The services we provide enable our clients to acquire valuable information that enriches the decision making process for their research. Winn Winn has a growing database with over twenty-five thousand (and counting) respondents. We are able to provide fresh faces and quality respondents to meet our client’s needs. Winn Winn can also provide recruitment services in Spanish and Filipino.


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Winn Winn Research embodies a proven, professional recruitment methodology for the following:

📌 Focus Groups

📌 Product Testing

📌 Usability Testing

📌 One-on-One Interviews

📌 Online Panel Discussion

📌 In-Home

📌 Friendship Groups


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We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with your company.


Our current database consists of, but not limited to the following:

📂 Tweens & Teens

📂 Multicultural Consumers

📂 White Collar and Blue Collar Professionals

📂 Mock Jury

📂 Executive and Mid-level IT

📂 Small Business Owners

📂 Medical Conditions (Diabetes, HBP, HIV, ESRD)